Monday, July 9, 2007

I’m not a technology guy. I took one class in computer programming (C++) and absolutely hated it. Maybe I should give another language a shot, but heck, I think I’ll stick to English for the time being. Regardless, I believe even those who cannot program   can still contribute to the on-going technological conversation. Purely thinking of ideas for this discourse may actually spark ideas for the programmers suffering from writers block. I think it can work.

David Winer writes about all the new technology he wants to see. Why can’t others?

I love SKYPE. But can it go further? I want to see SKYPE be able to leave Twittergrams. Not from the SKYPE OUT service, which costs precious dollars Sallie Mae already claimed, but from the computer-to-computer SKYPE that’s free. This way every time I am abroad, I can leave messages for friends and family back in the states. It should work in my mind: my computer uses SKYPE and leaves a message on the web via Twittergram. Do I have something wrong here?

What other ideas exist in all those minds who thought technology developments were for an elite group?



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